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How to edit map and add new levels to the map



These video tutorials fit most of our assets.

If you have not found the questions you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us by Discord channel.

1- Open game scene


2- Select Scene view


3- Double click on LevelsMap object in Hierarchy to see it in center.


4- Select level icon you need on the map


5- Drag it where you need.

6- If you need to add a new level, select the last icon on map. Now it is 100th level

7- Click “Insert after” in inspector window


8- Drag it where you need.

9- Also you have “delete” and “insert before” buttons there


Remember: If you want to create new levels (more than 100levels), you need to create new levels in LevelMakerEditor and then to create the new object on map.

10- How to edit Player Icon position:


The grey points in the map editor is the Player Icon position. You can change it, just look in Hierarchy and select Levels map, expand it:


After this, expand any "level...", you see the "PathPivot". It is the position for the player icon.


Just drag it in the necessary place.

Targets on the Map


Get the Star (destroy the items the same colors and get the required number of score and get the star)


Get Ingredients (destroy all the objects hindering drop ingredients down)


Get the star for a few minutes (destroy the items the same colors and get the required number of score and get the star for a few minutes)


Destroy all sugar on game field


Gather the required number of items this color

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