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How to reskin


You don’t need to change a lot of similar arts in different places into the project. Just change one art in Textures_png folder, and this art will replaced in all places of the project, where it should be located.

  1. Open a project

  2. Go to Assets → Textures_png

  3. For reskin, you should to change all arts in all folders into Textures_png Folder.

EXAMPLE, open Textures _png Folder --> Items (folder includes all items and blocks images in the project). Replace your arts in Textures_png --> Items to reskin all images in this Folder. Do the same for all folders inside the Textures_png.

Remember - your art should be the same size and only in the PNG format like in the project, to correctly display the textures in the project.

If you need more info about "How to reskin" check this LINK

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