Item specification


Main items

Can be combined in various ways (vertical and horizontal match-3 and math-5, T-L-O types). Collectable items - can be game targets


Bonus items

Horizontal striped items

Bonus items, can be created if to match with the same color items to horizontal.  After activation - will destroy the horizontal row. Can be used like booster.

Vertical striped items 

Bonus items, can be created if to match with the same color items to vertical. After activation - will destroy the vertical row. Can be used like booster.

Packaged items

Bonus items, can be created when 5 objects are matched by T or L type. After activation - will destroy 9 items around.

Mulicolor bomb 

Bonus items, can be created, when 5 objects are matched in single row. If Multicolor bomb to combine with any items, it will remove all candies the same colors from gamefield. Can be used like booster.

Collectable items

Ingredients - should to be collected for win.


Sugar - have 2 levels. Game items are on top of the blocks. Can be remove after destroying any items above this block. 

Solid. Game items can't be on top of a block. Can be remove after destroying any items beside this block. Can be like obstacles or game target.

Ice - keeps a candy inside. Can be remove after destroying this candy.

Thriving - absorbs any candy in a random order. Can be removed after destroying any candy nearby. In this case, the block doesn’t expand.

Unbreakable - can’t be destroying.


Magic Wand - destroy a selected item.

Bomb - destroy a selected place (the same like pakaged item).

Hand - swap a selected candy with neighbor.

Extra moves gives +5 moves more.

Extra time gives +30 seconds more.


Two horizontal and / or two vertical spirited items will explode horizontal and vertical row instead one.

Two combined packages will destroy big area

Striped + Packaged items will destroy three rows to vertical and horizontal derections

If combine Multicolor item with striped/ packaged candy or marmalade: It will change all items the same color to striped / packaged or marmalade items.

If combine two Multicolor items, it will destroy all items on a gamefield.