Level Editor


How to create new levels, check:
Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial (water)

1 - Go to “Jewelry Match 3 Kit” menu. Choose the “Level Editor

2 - Press “+” button to create a new level

3 - Go to Hierarchy Level DesignCHANGE LEVEL HERE

4 - Use “Edit Spline” to edit the shape of level

5 - Click left mouse button to add new point (for more details look the tutorial 1 and tutorial 2)

Drag the point to the right place.
Use SHIFT to drag one or more points

6 - Use “point modeto edit the points

Drag to yellow point to change a shape

7 - Click to “Prefabs palette” to open the “Tile palette

8 - Jewel is a game target. Choose it in the “Tile Palette”. Use the brush to put it on the game field.

9 - You can use the shapes to do your level more interesting.

10 - Add “Item spawner”. Choose it and click on the game field. Place it on the right place.

Use Rect Tool to edit.

11 - Add the “Finish Line

Place it on the right place.

12 - Use brush box to add the balls on the level.

You can choose the random items. Don’t forget to set a Color Limit before this.

13 - Use eraser to clear some game items

14 - Adjust the level setting and press save button

JEWEL ITEMS is a game goal. It will be counted automatically after saving.

15 - If you want to add a game tutorial, go to HierarchyCanvas GlobalTutorial → Find number of the right tutorial, and type it here.

For example, you need a “block” tutorial. Type number 2.

16 - Selected chain and Selected spawner will help you to choose these items on the game field.

17 - Don’t forget to save the setting and scene.

18 - If you want to add the water, click on a water icon in to the Tile Palette.

Place it in the right place. Don’t forget to add the potion on the level.

19 - Press the save button.