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Do you want a quick solution to create your own game?

Over 15 years ago, our company embarked on a journey to develop and adapt casual games for mobile devices upon request. We have experienced firsthand the challenges associated with initiating game development from the ground up. Recognizing this, we conceived an idea to provide pre-built projects for fellow developers. Since 2014, we have proudly been partners with the Unity Asset Store.

Our primary objective is to make game development an enjoyable experience for our clientele. Each of our projects comprises an editor that empowers users to craft their own distinctive level designs. Additionally, we provide a map and 100 pre-designed levels as a solid foundation for further customization. Our projects are designed for ease of use, eliminating the need for programming expertise, unless users opt to expand the engine's capabilities independently.

Furthermore, we take great pride in offering exceptional customer support. In the event of any difficulties, our team is always readily available to assist and provide guidance.

Macth 3 Complete Game Asset

I love this Asset

"Candy Smith had already used one of their assets, and now I bought another Match3 asset, and I'm very happy. I asked support for help, and they helped very quickly, solved my problem. Thanks, Candy Smith"


The Best Asset on the Asset Store!

"Fast and great support via Discord. Good and easy to customize code. Lots of features. Very happy with the purchase of the project. Highest recommendations. Thanks for a great job, guys!"


Amazing asset and unmatched support!

"The accessibility and customization is absolutely incredible, but the real standout is the support from the team. Excited to see future projects from them!!!"

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