• Facebook implemented - leadboard, friends on the map, invite and share (Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp and other).

• Easy-to-Use editor - create your unique levels without programming knowledge.

• Optimized for Mobile - UI resizes to all types and resolutions of mobile devices.

• 100 tested levels - created for preview. Use them as starting point for your game.

• Mini Game (Bonus Spin) and Daily Rewards (integrated Anti-time cheat)

• Dynamic Reskin - change in one place, change everywhere!

• Game_map.PSD for FREE You often ask for the source of the game map. We are happy to provide you with this!

Unity IAP’s purchases integrated

• 3 types of game map settings - classic scrolling map, level selection grid, or disable map (allowing the player to move to the next level bypassing the level selection).

• Ads Monetization - Unity Ads, Admob, Rewarded ads.

Game tutorials - visual and tabs

• Life Shop - to coins or watch the video ad.

Visual Tutorial's editor - tutorial's customization

AI tester - collects statistics for further balancing of your levels

Shortcuts for level testing and fast scene opening

Target editor - set your own targets

• In-game privacy policy included

Rewarded video

Coins Shop

Booster Shop

Localized Price

Recommended Unity 2020 or higher.