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⚙️ Easy-to-use and flexible LEVEL EDITOR - Does not require programming skills. Allows you to customize game features as you wish.


🧩 Various blocks,obstacles, collectable items and boosters - All elements are prefabs and can contain animations and extra features.


🪄 Easy and Dynamic Re-skin - Just replace the current pictures with yours. Change in one place, change everywhere!


💯 100 tested levels - Use them as a starting point for your project, or modify.


📱 Optimazed for different mobile devices - UI adapts to portrait mode, objects are merged to reduce garbage, sprite atlases improve performance and FPS.


🌎🌎🌎 3 Types of Map Settings - 3 map options: scrolling map, level grid, or no map (direct level progression).


📺 Unity Ads, Admob, Rewarded ads - ✅ Supported


🚀 In-app purchases - ✅ Supported


🆓 PSD map - ✅ Included


✨ Visual and Sound effects - ✅ Amazing


👪 Facebook - ✅ Implemented (leadboard, friends on the map)


🌎 Localized Price - ✅ Supported


🎡 Mini Game. Bonus Spin.


🎁 Daily Rewards + integrated Anti-time cheat


❓ Game tutorials - visual and tabs


💫 Visual Tutorial's EDITOR - tutorial's customization


🖥 AI tester - collects statistics for further balancing of your levels


🔘 Shortcuts for level testing and fast scene opening


⚙️ Target EDITOR - set your own targets


👮 In-game privacy policy - ✅ Included


🪙 Coins Shop


💟 Life Shop


🚁 Booster Shop


💻 The package includes comprehensive C# source code that is well-documented and follows industry best practices for Unity projects.


If you require assistance or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us by DISCORD. We are always happy to help and provide support.


Read more information in the DOCUMENTATION


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