How to use EDITOR

1- Open Game editor


2- In the “EDITOR” section you can set the game and levels. 

1- Level EDITOR - use it for creating / changing a level design.

2- Editor / Settings / In-apps / Ads / Help use it for the extra settings.

Settings - “Clear player prefab” button is reset a game progress.
“Open all level” used for testing a game.

3- Levels - number of current levels.

4- New level - create a new level. In this Asset, it will be Level 101 and more.

5- Limit moves - count of moves for this level.

6- Stars - count of score for each star on the level.

7- PowerUps - you can ON/OFF extra power ups in the game. Remember: you can use these power ups only if your level design is including the same colors. For example, if your levels do not include blue bubbles, you can’t fill an extra water ball. Don’t turn on this power up in this case and etc.

8- Game items, features and obstacles

9- X - clear the bubble. Use it like an eraser.

Clear level - use for delete your level design

10- Gamefield for your level design.

11- Boosters 


Don’t forget to add to the level design the targets. Targets are bubbles with cubs. The color of these bubbles determines the color of the bubbles for the level.

For example, you want to have 4 colors at the level (red, yellow, green and blue). You need to place in the level design 4 bubbles with cubs of the right colors (red bubble with cub, yellow bubble with cub, green bubble with cub and blue bubble with cub).

Different ways, place the bubble of the desired color anywhere in the playing field. 


The level design should include at least 1 cub. Don’t forget to add it!