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How to use debug settings


Debug settings is a useful tool to test the levels.


  1. Gather logs of combine you got after a switch
  2. Gather logs of destroying items, i.e. you can see where it starts and why
  3. Gather logs of falling items and its path through the squares 
    To print information to the Console - use Show
     Log Immediately option or use the ItemDebugInspector
    component on Item you want to observe. Then use "Print" button on specific item in the game to see logs only
    about this item

  4. Enables automatic play on the level. You can use it with Time scale option to pass a level faster

  5. Speeds up or slows down the animation of popups and GUI effect

  6. Speeds up or slows down items animations like falling, destroying

  7. Print gathered logs into Console
    Hotkeys are very useful to test levels

  8. Enables/Disables HotKeys

  9. Instant Win

  10. Last move. Set moves = 1. 

  11. Restarts the level

  12. Switches to next sub-level

  13. Emulates "back" button on the android in some dialogs

  14. Regenerates all items on the field

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