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Ads Editor

  1. Rewarded gems - number of game currency per ad viewing (on the map)

  2. Ads controller - includes three parameters:

    a - Event - the moment after which the advertisement is shown

    b - Status - type of advertising (now is just Appodeal)

    c - Show ads every time - after the specified number of events

Event description

  1. Map - when entering the map

  2. Prepare level - at the entrance to the level after the start menu

  3. Regen level - after the no-match event on the playing field

  4. Tutorial - when the tutorial opens

  5. Pause - when pause

  6. Playing - game start

  7. Pre failed - after the loss, when it is proposed to continue the level for viewing advertising or currency

  8. Game over - after losing

  9. Change sub level - when changing sub levels

  10. Pre win Animation - when animating the pre-winning banner

  11. Win - when the winning banner appears

  12. Wait for popup - waiting popup at the beginning of the game

  13. Wait after close - waiting after losing

  14. Blocked game - animation after the next move

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