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Version history

Original released Jun, 2019


Improved animation of timebomb and visual tutorial

Fixed: IAP error after importing


Added: New feature - time bomb (combine this item with the bubbles the same color to destroy before the counter reaches 0.)

Changed: design of level 5 (for the time bombs demo)

Added: Border around the gamefield Improved: multicolor bomb. Now it activates after complete at the level and destroys random color items.

Debug settings - added hotkeys settings

Added: possibility to set certain items at a particular level

Fixed: ads and rewarded ads

Fixed: multicolor switches with spiral
Fixed: Server timer if no internet
Fixed: buttons size decreased in landscape orientation
Fixed: Prices in shop scaling automatically
Fixed: regen items Package animation optimized

Added: Unity Ads, Admob, Chartboost
Changed: Level 1 and 14
Some animations improved
Fixed minor bugs

Fixed: Sugar square not destroy sometimes if not item above



Fixed: define symbols collide with some other plugins

Fixed: teleport mask issue

Fixed: Level 53, ingredients not count

Added: Getting current time from server. Anti date changing cheat

Added: privacy policy button to the main menu

Changed documentation links


Added: Open all levels in editor

Fixed: Pre failed buy button not working

Fixed: spiral item wrong position


1.01 Added: Invite and share with Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp and other

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