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Sweet Sugar Match 3 has a flexible visual editor that allows you to easily create new levels, change settings and create new game objects.

Below is information on how to use the editor.​

  • Go to Sweet Sugar menu Game editor and settings

  1. General settings sections

  2. Test level button to test your level. The level is automatically saved when using this button. 
    Save - to save your level. Use this button to keep changes at a level without testing.

  3. Level - Use to choose a level. Use + or - to create or delete the levels

  4. Sub Levels - Create more playing fields for the current level

  5. Limit - Set the number of moves or time

  6. Color limit - Set the number of colors

  7. Stars - Set the number of score for 1-2-3 stars

  8. Don’t Regen - Use this to disable regeneration of items if No Matches detected

  9. Target - Choose a game target

  10. Columns and Rows - Size of the playing field

  11. Level Settings - sections for the level designes

  12. Tools - to set up the current gamefield

  13. Gamefiend

Time Bomb Items

This feature was added in ver. 1.2

1- Place Time Bomb item from Items section to the gamefield.

2- Set count of moves before bomb will be activated.
3- Set the right amount.

This parameter doesn't matter, if you haven't placed a time bomb on the gamefield. Just skip it.


Blocks section

Use this section to setting a gamefield of the level

  1. Clear - Clear all changes

  2. Empty cells 

  3. Blocks - Place them on the playing field for an interesting level design. More about his blocks read here

  4. X - Delete a cell

  5. Fill + Choose any block and use FILL+ to fill free cells

Items section

Place any game item in any available cell of the gamefield. Use this section to place the game items on a gamefield for interesting level design.


Directions section

You can setup direction of movement of game items on the gamefield

  1. Enable/disable the enter points

  2. Rotate one cell

  3. Rotate all cells

  4. Reset to default

Teleports section

  • Go to teleport section

  • Click once to place the teleport input

  • Click second time to place the teleport output

    Check this VIDEO TUTORIAL

  1. Teleport input

  2. Teleport output

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