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General Question

Q. May I use your artwork and levels to publish the game?
A. We suggest using our asset to create a unique game by changing the graphics and level design. This will prevent problems with Google Play and App Store, as they don't allow too many similar games. Also, typical game designs may lead to game bans. The graphics and levels we provided were only for demonstration purposes. If you don't follow these suggestions, you may have trouble publishing your game on these app stores.

Q. May I request the PSD sources from you?
A. You'll get a Layered PSD player's progress map after buying the product, but only if it's mentioned in the product description.

Q. May I use the character design from Sweet Sugar complete project?
A. Yes, you can. But to get sources in AI format, you need to buy a license from Graphic Mama. Please check this link:


Q. Do I need to pay for asset support?
No, you don't have to pay for asset support unless you want to customize the engine. You'll get free support after purchasing the asset. We're happy to answer any questions you have about the engine and help you with technical issues.

Feel free to contact us prior to purchasing. Any questions please.

Q. I need help from the developer. How long should I expect to wait for a response?
A. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we'll reply as soon as we can. If you need technical support, make sure to provide a valid order number. Normally, it takes about 24 hours for us to respond.

We're always here to support you during working days. Before contacting us, please take a look at our frequently asked questions for possible answers.

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Q. I've been waiting for support for over 24 hours. What could be the issue?
A. We're always here to help our clients, and we never ignore any questions. If you had trouble connecting with us, please try reaching out again or leave a comment on the project to let us know about the issue. Thank you!

Q. Do we have to pay for the customization service?
A. Candy Smith doesn't offer any paid customization services such as reskinning or plugin integration, but you can get in touch with our partner for this. We can't guarantee the pricing, quality, or speed of the additional services, so if you have any questions, please ask about details HERE.

We do not provide any paid services. We simply recommend people who can meet your needs for a fee.

You have the option to either customize our assets on your own or hire a programmer to do it for you. This is something that we do not take responsibility for.

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