General Question

Q. Can I publish the game with your arts?
A. Yes, you can. But, will be better to do a simple reskin. We must to warn you about possible problems with GooglePlay and AppStore. Without reskin, you can be rejected or ban, because they don’t like many games with similar arts.

Q. Can you provide me PSD sources?
A. After purchase you will have a Layered PSD player's progress map, only if it is specified in the product description.

Q. Can I use the character design from Sweet Sugar complete project?
A. Yes, you can. But to get sources in AI format, you need to buy a license from Graphic Mama. Please check this link:

Q. Do I have to pay to support of asset?
No, if you do not require additional services to customization of engine. After purchasing an asset, you get free support. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding the engine. We will help with technical problems.

Feel free to contact us prior to purchasing. Any questions please.

Q. I need support. I wrote to the developer. How long will I wait for an answer?
A. We will support you as soon as it possible. Even in weekend and holidays. But sometimes we are sleeping.
Please, remember about this ;) The average waiting time is 24 hours.

>> For the fast support, please join to our DISCORD channel <<

Q. I wait for support for more than 24 hours. What is the problem?
A. We are always happy to help our customers and do not ignore the problems. Probably there was a problem with communication. Contact us again or leave a comment to the project. Thank you!

Q. What about paid customization service ?
A. Candy Smith do not provide paid customization service (like reskin, plugin integration and etc) . But you can contact our partner on this matter. We are not responsible for the price, quality and speed of additional services. You can ask all the details HERE

We are not related to additional paid services. We just recommend people who fulfill your desires for a fee.