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  1. Game Settings:
    - Reset to default - reset settings editor to default
    - Crear player prefs - reset player progress and all currency in the project
    - Open all levels - open all levels for testing in editor

  2. Facebook
    Install - Facebook sdk
    - Account - Facebook developer account
    - How to install - setup guide  (more info read here)

  3. Leadboard Gamesparks
    Install - Facebook sdk
    - Account - Facebook developer account
    - How to install - Setup guide  (more info read here)

  4. Falling curve - falling speed curve of game items

  5. Delay after fall - pause after falling items


  6. Lifes settings:
    - Max of lifes - maximum number of lives
    - Total time for lifes refilling -  time to refill full lifes. Set hours, mins and sec.
    - Cost of refilling lifes -  cost of refilling life through the shop

  7. Start gems - gems gifted to player on start the game

  8. Losing a life every game:
    set a checkbox, if the player will lose a life for each try of the level
    - don't set a checkbox, if a player will lose life only after losing a level

  9. Failed settings - continue level after losing:
    - Cost of continue - coins
    - Extra moves (for this coins)
    - Extra seconds (for this coins)

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